How Does

Odorol TM Work?

Odorol Small Bottle

Odorol™ uses a scientifically formulated combination of the most effective and extensively researched ingredients known to combat malodors. Every ingredient was selected by a team of doctors and scientific researchers based on clinical data and designed to get results more effectively than any other bad breath or body odor supplement available.

Containing a unique blend of scientifically proven ingredients, Odorol™ provides a total care system for this embarrassing and alienating condition. It fights the causes of bad breath and body odor internally and externally by balancing good and bad bacteria for digestive health, reducing stress, expelling toxins from the body, and maintaining natural cleansing mechanisms in the mouth and digestive tract.

This total care solution, provides the 4 essential elements of success - Relieve, Balance, Control, and Prevent, providing the body with the necessary compounds to freshen bad breath and remove body odor.

In terms of quality and purity of ingredients, there is nothing else on the market that comes close to Odorol™.

Step 1


Probiotics and antimicrobial agents provide effective relief for freshening bad breath and eliminating body odor. Additional deodorizing and anti-bacterial properties work both externally and internally, to reduce malodors by absorbing compounds that cause odors, effectively neutralizing them before they can be secreted.

Step 2


Odorol™ works to restore the balance of healthy bacteria and enzymes, whilst also eliminating bad bacteria from the body. Furthermore, bioactive ingredients restore calm and reduce physical, or mental stress within the body, therefore eliminating causal factors of body and breath odor - stress.

Step 3

STEP #3 - Control

Powerful key ingredients control the growth of fungi and bacteria in the mouth and on the skin, reducing the indices of digestive issues and provides optimal intestinal health. Odorol™ maintains the natural cleansing mechanisms in the mouth and digestive tract.

Step 4


Odorol™ contains key ingredients to suppress odor causing substances by addressing the cause of the problem, eliminating odor right where it starts. It effectively regulates and balances the body to relieve and prevent body and breath odor, once and for all.


If at any time you are unsatisfied with a product you purchased from us, you may return any opened & unopened bottles within sixty (60) days for a full refund of the returned bottles, not including shipping.